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Large Screen Industrial Grade Hi-Def LCDs Overview...

Vartech\\'s rugged line of industrial grade large screen LCDs is ideal for your digital signage or presentation needs. These units have bright active matrix TFT screens, wide viewing angles, high contrast ratios, fast response times and brightness levels ranging from 350 nits to 620 nits.

VarTech\\'s 37", 42", and 47" LCD have a native 1080p true high definition resolution and our 32.0" large LCD has a WXGA, 1366 x 768 resolution also considered to be a high definition resolution. Optical touch screens available.

Sunlight Readable Large Screen LCDs Overview...

VarTech\\'s sunlight readable large screen displays are the solution for your outdoor and high ambient light areas.

Without adding power or increasing heat these units utilize VarTech\\\\\\'s proprietary optical bonding, VBOND, or optical stacking to eliminate reflection and greatly increase the comparative contrast ratio in high light conditions. This turns these already very bright 500 nit LCDs into fully sunlight readable solutions. VarTech\\'s VBOND optical bonding also adds ruggedness and greater structural integrity.

All-Weather Outdoor Widescreen LCDs Overview...

VarTech\\'s All-Weather Large Widescreen Outdoor LCD displays are the ultimate in outdoor digital signage LCDs. The screens high brightness enables a quality display image in all ambient lighting conditions and are optically bonded for an extremely high degree of sunlight readability.

Rated IP65, these All-Weather LCDs can withstand harsh weather conditions and protect against windblown rain and dust. They protect against malicious or accidental impact. They can be housed in a variety of optional colors.

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