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Our actively enhanced High Brightness TFT LCD Monitors and Computers are designed to operate in high ambient light conditions. At 700 nits to 1950 nits of brightness, VarTech\'s High Bright Sunlight Readable Displays outperform commercially available non-enhanced products that washout in direct and/or indirect sunlight conditions.

VarTech uses both LED and CCFL backlighting to achieve brightness. LED backlighting creates an amazingly bright LCD display as does CCFL but with low power consumption and without increased heat usually associated with higher wattage CCFL backlights.

Although a display with less than 500 nits screen brightness and a mere 2 to 1 contrast ratio can be read in outdoor environments, the quality of the display will be extremely poor. A truly sunlight readable display is typically considered to be an LCD with 700 nits or greater screen brightness with a contrast ratio greater than 5 to 1. In outdoor environments under the shade, such a display can provide an excellent image quality.

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