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The VMB-11512 is a multi-band vehicular whip antenna designed to provide VHF and UHF communications for a range of military applications.

It is designed for use with today's cutting edge, wide-band, frequency agile radios and can be used to replace a multiple antenna setup.

The VMB-11512 boasts a power handling capability of 100 Watts and less than 3.0:1 VSWR across the entire operating band of 115 MHz to 512 MHz. [view all products]

Medteks manufactures cable harness systems for Military Industries. Medteks Harnessing operates as a subcontractor for major weapon systems and armored vehicle manufacturers of the defense industry. [More Info]
Military connectors are built in accordance with military specifications. Medteks is an authorized distributor of MIL-SPEC connector and is QPL'd to assemble and stock over 200,000 military connector configurations. [view all products]
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